No Hacking waterproof DIY Malaysia_No need to remove tile on bathroom

TILE-SAFE | No Need Hack waterproof SOLUTION DIY Malaysia
*Cara membaiki tandas dengan kalis air | Tidak perlu merosakkan tiles
*全马最经济最优惠最简单的 不敲砖 防水解决方案

No need hack tiles!
Totally tiles safe solution!
Totally DIY solution!
Save cost! 

Now we do not need to remove tile on bathroom just to fix the water leaking problem which suspected to come from bathroom floor.
But how to resolve this problem? We going to see more as below~

Innovative water leaking solution is here!
 This is just a sample picture:

This is Tile safe / NO HACKING Waterproofing DIY PRODUCTS for:-
- Bathroom / Tiled Slab
- Concrete Slab
- Wall Moisture
- Repair Crack

What we mean here is no need to remove your tile or re-install your own floor just for the sake to repair the leaking issue. No need ! not at all. Safe right?

The chemical we utilized here had been solved for more than hundred of customer! Its a most economical within budget solution for you!

Tile Safe, No Need Hack Waterproofing DIY Set

Category: Malaysia Order Only
Price: RM339.00 for area (80sqft) offer best of value:RM289.00
Price: RM389.00 for area (120sqft) 
120sqrt New offer with upgrade from previous 500ml to new 2 x 500ml which are 2 bottles! 1 liter!
NO HACKING WATERPROOFING system package for bathroom, toilet, balcony, terraces coated with existing ceramic, marble, granite, mosaic and etc, without replace the existing tiles.

Our NH waterproof coating DIY (Tec-SC Coating)


ADVANCE PENETRANT WATERPROOFING COATING for porous stone, cement, grout, render, stucco or mortar.

TEC-SC is a water based waterproofing formulation developed and produced by TEV-tech which export worldwide, providing long lasting & effective waterproofing on almost all porous building surface, it is designed for environmental friendly and low VOC content. Due to it’s small molecular structure and low viscosity level (similar to water), it allows a deep impregnatation and penetration into the capillaries, chemically react and bond with the with the substrate to create a durable waterproof surface.

Whilst TEC-SC does not work as a sealant, instead of sealing the micropores of the substrate, TEC-SC performs inner coat. Coated surface remains breathable where moisture trapped behind the coated surface still able to evaporate through the pores to the environment, this is extremely important by releasing the inner pressure of the substrate, minimizing cracking of the surface.

TEC-SC is also integrated with biocides formulation which creates an effective barrier against organic mold, fungi & algae growth, preserving the surface appearance that last for years.

Unlike conventional waterproofing coatings, TEC-SC leave no trace on the coated surface; it is invisible and it will no alter the original natural appearance of the substrate. The completely invisible treatment cannot be removed by water, cleaning agent or with high pressure equipment; durable strong abrassion & mechanical wear resistant.
Category: Construction


Consist of a bottle of transparent liquid waterproofing penetration NH(Non hacking waterproof), which apply insulation and without the formation of film on the surface, with full impregnation on the floors. A bottle of super adhesive for sealing the crack.  A bottle of pure polymer as a double protection for edges, a set of application tool and step by step application booklet.

Product Features:
*   Excellent insulation         
*   Not surface coating  
*   Transparent color          
*   UV and Sun ray resistant  
*   Easy to apply

Previously Content:
*   ISxNxM BD Transparent Balcony "Non Film Formation" 
*   DRxLOx Pourable Masonry Crack Filler 
*   ISxNxM MS Polymer 
*   Application and Protection tools 
*   Instructions Manual

New Improved version! More value ! More usage! More function with less or same price!
*Improved chemical TEC-SC transparent penetration waterproof with fungus/algea barrier!
*Improved from previous ISxNxM(250ml) to New TEC-SC 500ML! More value! More worth!
*Improved from previous liquid base crack filler to new powder base grouting. Its Free for you!
*Equivalent MS polymer with bigger bottle of 500ML! 

Boxing packaging for better parcel shipment purpose
Colour: Transparent
Coverage: 1 standard size bathroom or even kitchen size, from 80sqrt onwards , more than 120sqrt! More area! Solve more problem!
Origin: Turkey and Malaysia Export Chemical

40sqrt small size Previous packing:
*250ml waterproof chemical for set size RM289.00

Now new improved version with same price RM289.00
*500ml waterproof chemical for same price with 80sqrt and above area!

120sqrt small size Previous packing:
*500ml waterproof chemical for set size RM389.00

Now new improved version with same price RM389.00
*1000ml waterproof chemical for same price with 120sqrt and above area!(2 x 500ml)

Solved more! payless!!! Result is great as we solved more than 100 hundred cases!
Surface Preparation (Pre-Application)
A proper surface preparation helps to ensure maximum performance and durability of our coatings. The surface must be completely clean from grimes, dirts, dust & grease. Let the surface dry of completely before application.

POST TREATMENT : Application can be done either by roller, brush or sprayer. Apply adequately throughout the surface, make sure the surface is damp with the product. Second layer can be apply within 15 minutes from applying the first layer. Leave the surface drys and cure for the next 24 hours, avoid contact with water.

Solution Properties
Physical : Liquid
Color : Slightly White
Odor : Slight odor
Finishing : Transparent, no alteration of finishing
Flammability : Non-Flammable
Coverage : 6 – 10m² depending on porousity
Shelf Life : 18 months
Curing Time : 10 minutes drying, 24 hours full cure
VOC : 28g/Liter (EU limit: 40g/Lit)
Layer : Multiple layers allowed. Second layer to be apply within 15 minutes after firstlayer application, wet on wet condition.

***(For construction order/dealer order, minimum MOQ 20 bottles/set and above, less than 20 set/bottles no consideration. Inquire only with MOQ. Dealer/construction pricing different )

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MS Polymer

Category: Malaysia Order Only

Price:RM400.00 with Postage by POS MALAYSIA 
For SABAH/SARAWAK/LABUAN are RM450.00 with sea shipment by POS MALAYSIA

ISONEM MS POLYMER is a unique, high quality pure polymer produced with latest technology. The product is ready to use, UV resistant, glossy and at hard elastic film structure, after curing it is open to pedestrian and vehicle traffic and has good resistance to chemicals. Easily applied on terraces, roofs, balconies, wet areas, industrial floors, concrete, screed, render, wooden, wooden substrates, metal surfaces, spray polyurethane foam heat insulation material applied surfaces, exterior walls and foundation walls. The product is also used as colored floor coating material on factory, storage, warehouses, parking areas, walkways and on asphalt base. Because of its quick drying time (10 minutes initial curing time and 30 minutes fully curing time and 1 hour recoating time for the second layer.) result is easy and quick application. The product is eco friendly because of its low consumption value and low price. It can be applied onto all types of substrates
Area of use:
Terraces, roofs and balconies.
Wet area and foundation waterproofing.
Factory and warehouse floors.
Parking areas and walkways.
Flat or inclined roofs, terraces.
All kinds of surfaces in bad conditions.
Exterior sides.
Metal roofs and wooden substrates.
Surfaces previously coated with bitumen based waterproofing material.
Asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Special Features:

- It is open to pedestrian and vehicle traffic.
- It doesn't require any additional protective screed or concrete application.
- It is easily applied on wet or damp surfaces in all weather conditions during summer, winter, quick drying for fast recoating (1 hour).
- The product provides color stability, ultraviolet resistance. 
- Fire resistant, flame retardant.
- It has good adhesion and flexibility.
- Is has high mechanical resistance.

Size: 5 litre/ 5 KG
Colour: Clear
Coverage: 200-350sqft

To order or make your booking at HERE

Drylok Masonry Waterproofer


the content

waterproof protect your wall
 Before, the wall is wet.
 After applied, with DRYLOK as base coat, then top up with your wall paint will do.
 Cover your power point unit with masking tape before you apply the content.
This explain how it function. It enhanced and strengthen the wall to be waterproofer

Category:Malaysia Order Only
Price:RM99.00 with postage by POS malaysia
For SABAH,SARAWAK,LABUAN are RM109.00 with postage by POS malaysia

DRYLOK Masonry Waterproofer is America’s most versatile masonry waterproofing paint.  Use it on basement walls, fish ponds, birdbaths, retaining walls, building exteriors and as a foundation coating.
Special Features:
DRYLOK works by penetrating tiny pores in the masonry, it expands as it dries to form a tough waterproof barrier.  DRYLOK Ready-Mixed Masonry Waterproofers are formulated to withstand hydrostatic pressure of 10psi which is equivalent to water pressure at a depth of 22 feet (1,440 pounds per square foot).
Size: 1 quart (approx 946ml)
Colour:       White
Coverage: 25sqft

To order or make your booking at HERE

Or you can purchase with using your credit card at 11street, utilize your discount coupon if you have:
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