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Eco friendly Fire Extinguisher rapid cooling technology

Hyprex Fire Extinguisher, Rapid Cooling Technology

HYPREX is the world's most advanced cutting-edge water soluble fire extinguishing system. It is a high performance of fire extinguishing liquid that is neutral in PH value, nontoxic, natural ingredients. HYPREX will not cause any damage or hazards to the earth environment and human body. Because of its rapid cooling technology in firefighters will effectively enhance safety to human life and assets.

The main ingredients of HYPREX water soluble fine bubble fire extinguisher agent is based primarily on natural plant cellulose, which will convert to organic fertilizer after the biological degradation process when it falls into the soil. At present, it is the most environmentally friendly firefighting compound that can be treated with ease upon deployment.

The main features of HYPREX include "quick fire extinguishing", "quick heat reduction", "non combustible" and "environmentally friendly". Because of its sound water retaining feature, which enables quick heat reduction on the burning object, and reduces the chance of repeat combustion, it significantly reduces lethal toxic smoke, reduces the area in flame, and reduces the loss in property and human casualties.

Fire Burn Factors

FOR ECO wise condition and criteria, below are the product common in market which is consider dangerous if misused and danger to health and safety.
Halon (The previous used item)
•Containing CFCs (含有氟氯化碳)
•Damage Ozone Layer (损害臭氧层)
•Montreal Convention : in 1994,forbidden to product and in 2000, forbidden to use
•Being replace by dry powder and foam

Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher(The most common product in market)
•Toxic and corrosion(有毒和腐蚀)
•No cooling effect
•Resulting in secondary pollution(造成二次污染)
•Easily lead to aspiration pneumonia(容易导致吸入性肺炎)
•Cause eutrophication of water quality
•Qualitative change in land

Foam Fire Extinguisher
•Toxic and corrosion
•Acidification to the soil(造成酸化的土壤)
•Difficulties in afterward handling
•Harmful to the environment and human
•Not easy to decompose(不容易分解)

To solve the above problem here comes the most eco friendly safety solution in the world:

1. 100% Environmental Friendly (100 %环保)
Using only natural plant extracts and other food grade material.
2. Dissolves Instantaneously (瞬时溶解, 减少重复燃烧的机会)
HYPREX penetrates the inner part of the burning object and rapidly reduce the temperature,
hence reduces the chance of repeat combustion.
3. Fast Heat Reduction. No Re-Combustion (立即消热。没有再燃烧/省去了再燃烧任何机会)
HYPREX penetrates the inner part of burning objects and rapidly reduce the temperature,
hence eliminating any chance for re-combustion.
4. Organic compound-Biodegradable (有机化合物,可生物降/有效的植物肥料)
No messy clean up and containing, no damage to plants, In fact HYPREX is effective plant fertilizer.

HYPREX Miniature Fire Extinguishers (460ml)

Many a time, fire can be prevented. In the event that it has occurred the next best and most crucial step is to put out the fire before it spread...
HYPREX spray prove effectively to put out burning sofa fire / curtain fire / kitchen cabinet fire / car fire within seconds to prevent wide spread damage.

 Environmental Friendly
•Comply fire control regulation
•Abstract from natural plant
•PH value neutral
•Production without any protective equipment

Instant Dissolved
•Dilute ratio 1:45
•Specific gravity 1:1
•No sediment, corrosion, odorless

Heat reducing
•Better penetration
•Penetrate the inner
•Reduce temperature rapidly and No re-combustion

•Convert organic fertilizer
•Short term recovering
•Reducing the cost

Certification & Test Report
• SGS SVHC (REACH) non-toxicity test
• Petroleum Consortium LASTFIRE Test Protocol
• Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs Bureau of Standards (BSMI) approved _ Zero toxicity_ Heavy metal composition_Fire extinguishing competence
• UL 162 Full Compliance Certificate for liquid concentrates used for fire extinguishment
• Quality assurance certification for fire equipment from China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS)
• Environmental inspection by the Australian Defense Science and Technology Organization (DSTO)
• China Compulsory Product Certification for Fire Products (CCCf)
• Worldwide patented certified

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